Sunday, August 19, 2012



Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cake anyone?

We went to my friend Kelsey's 30th birthday party tonight.  I told her that I would bring the cake and since it was a special birthday, I wanted to make a special cake.  My plan was to make a three-layer devil's food cake with chocolate mousse for the filling and a rich chocolate cream frosting.  Alexis helped me make the cake and of course wanted to have lots of tastes:

When I had all of the elements made and started to assemble the layers.  I wish I had had John take a picture of the disaster as it was happening.  Do you remember the birthday cake that he fairies in Sleeping Beauty try to make without magic?  That's exactly what my cake looked like.  The layers were sliding all around and the cake was falling over.  It was hilarious and devastating at the same time.  I somehow got it to stick together.  But, after driving for 45 minutes to the party the cake totally fell apart.  Kelsey wanted to use the cake anyway, so this is what it ended up looking like:

So sad:

On the positive side, it did taste amazing.  Probably the best tasting cake I have ever made.  John thinks I should give it another go and make it for Alexis' birthday since she devoured her piece.  We'll see.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bear Lake

We've been lucky enough to spend the last four days in beautiful Bear Lake:

John's family goes every August and we are so happy that we were able to go this year.  Alexis was so excited, she couldn't wait to feel the water when we arrived:

She spent lots of time at the playground:

And we even got to play a game of miniature golf:

Alexis and I had fun, but I don't know about John.  (I beat him by 23 strokes!)

The highlight of the weekend was renting a boat to go out on the lake.  Alexis was a little nervous at first, but she ended up loving it:

Alexis had fun riding the banana with Daddy, but she didn't want to go fast:

John doing tricks:

And she was even brave enough to jump off the boat into the lake:
We had such a fun time, we can't wait to go next year!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New friends

This is Alexis' "new friend" Abby:
Alexis is really into introducing people lately.  She has even introduced John to her swim teacher by saying "this is my friend Daddy."  It is so funny.  Abby goes everywhere with Alexis lately.  And she gets her diaper changed a lot.  Alexis loves to change her diaper and insists on using real wipes to do it.

Abby has been going everywhere with Alexis.

Sunday, August 5, 2012



This dress belonged to John's sister Briony.  How special that Alexis gets to wear it now.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday, July 29, 2012



Our Week in Review . . .

Alexis and I made homemade popsicles (plain greek yogurt mixed with honey).  She was so excited to have one after her swimming lessons.
We took Alexis to see Ice Age 4 in the theater.  It was a disappointment.  But, Alexis had fun which was the most important thing.  She loves movie theater popcorn, just like her Mommy and Nana.

(Don't worry, she didn't eat this whole tub by herself.)

The Osborn family was in Utah visiting and we were so happy that they thought to contact us while they were in town.  We knew the Osborns when they lived in Townsville, but they are currently calling Nairobi, Kenya home.  Allanah was a beehive in the Townsville branch while I was the Young Womens' president, and now she is going to be a freshman at BYU!  Boy, that made me feel old.  And she will be living in Chipman Hall, the same dorm that I lived in during my first year at the Y.  How fun.  We are excited to be able to see more of Allanah once school gets started.

(From L to R: (back row) Claudia, Allanah, Ingrid, John, (middle row) Tamara, Alexis, Crystal (front) Phoebe.  David was there too, but he was taking the picture.)